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POCKETFARM is an agriculture platform through crowd funding where technology meets nature in empowering farmers and encouraging youths farm, where employment is been created. At POCKETFARM we also help in the area of improved farm inputs, seedlings and modern way of farming, helping farmers in cultivating more acres of land and getting better yield via the improved seedlings made available. Investor’s funds helps farmers in producing and also creating employment for the teeming youths. Investors can also get involved without getting their hands dirty. From the comfort of your office or rooms, you can log onto POCKETFARM and start farming.

POCKETFARM is a social enterprise founded to help Nigeria achieve food security and efficiently harness its agricultural potentials by contributing to solving two critical challenges militating against agricultural development in Nigeria namely; inadequate research and extension services to farmers and limited investments by citizenry into agriculture and farming in Nigeria.

POCKETFARM is also made of cooperatives, where the cooperative is in charge of the farms and investment aspect of pocket farm. Our cooperative farming financing model ensures that the public are provided a veritable platform to invest in

farming and agriculture without having to quit their full-time work and not limited by lack of land, time or expertise to farm. Through our cooperative farming financing model, we are generating and crowd funding much needed public finance to overcome the challenges of limited finance which is a barrier in agricultural development in Nigeria. Also, through the model we are contributing to farming over 48MHa uncultivated arable land in the country, one hectare at a time year after year. With the cooperative, we have access to interventions both within and outside the country, as well as information that will make us better farmers and as well give us better yield. More so, by constantly engaging with the government and relevant regulatory and enforcement agencies through our agric policy round tables and advocacy initiatives, we ensure that the government enforces appropriate and favorable policies that would protect local investors and promote food production and export.

You too can make a difference in Agriculture in Nigeria. By working with us you can empower a farmer, fund a farmer, own a farm, invest in agriculture in Nigeria and contribute to our Nation achieving sufficiency in food production and regaining our lost glory in agricultural produce export. We cannot do it alone, our greatest power lies in the people, our cooperative members, our investors, our donors and partners Enhance.

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